User inspired service design concept (2017)

Lara Jasim, Jukka Jokinen, Anna-Sofia Juntunen & Eleanor Xinyue Du


Poppari is a service design concept where residents can develop their own neighbourhood with additional pop-up services. The idea behind the Poppari -concept is that after a housing company has chosen to use the service, every resident of the housing company has a chance to create their own suggestion for it. In an online service all the residents can give their votes to someone else’s suggestion or build up their own idea. Building a new idea is done simply by selecting the main theme for the Poppari -service such as sauna, greenhouse, kiosk or art wall. They can choose additional objects like benches and greenery to make Poppari more attractive and comfortable. After the suggestion is ready, it’s uploaded to the online service where other residents of the same housing company can vote for the best idea. The board of the housing company confirms the final decision and the selected Poppari -service can be ordered!